Firefox Browser received new Relay feature. This is an analogue of «Entrance with Apple» in Safari, which works with the account. With it, the user will not have to enter his real mail when registering on sites or filling out forms. It will make a fake box on which mail will come. Further, all messages will be redirected to a real email, and before sending them, trackers and advertising spam will be deleted from you.

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Firefox hide user email

In this case, the user will be able to view the list of his « mailboxes » and deactivate them if necessary.

Thanks to this approach, real mail will be safe even if there is a leak on the site: only « mask » provided by Firefox will be in the email list. Previously, such an instrument was available in the form of a free extension, now it was built into the browser itself.

The distribution of Firefox Relay has already begun, and within a couple of weeks the function should work for all browser users. TechWorldpedia

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